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Mattel Annual Investor Presentation Today!

In 2016 during Mattel’s annual investor presentation at Toy Fair, American Girl announced that the WellieWishers were a thing. The next year, Create Your Own was announced. In 2020, Courtney’s sillouette was shown, and in 2021 (when the presentation was virtual due to the pandemic), the Street Chic dolls were revealed.

This year, the presentation will be virtual again due to last month’s Covid outbreak, but as we saw last year, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect any big AG news! The presentation starts today at 10 am Eastern, and as soon as I can (unfortunately my school’s having a teacher workday on Monday and not today…), I’ll get whatever big AG announcements there were up on AGDN!

Fingers crossed for AG news today!

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Billi Jean
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