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Miraculous World: New York- United Heroez Review

I had some more time to kill, and I had fun writing my review of the Lanie book, so I figured I might as well write another review! This one is for the Miraculous Ladybug one-hour special, Miraculous World: New York- United Heroez. If you didn't know, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug for short) is my favorite TV show. I enjoy watching it a lot, though I am disappointed that the next season won't release until September 2021 due to the pandemic. However, there was a one-hour special that premiered on Disney Channel back in September, and it was really good! Here's my review of it:

The special was about Marinette, Adrien, and their classmates, including Alya, Nino, and Chloe, going on a school trip to New York for French-American Friendship Week. It takes a bit for Marinette to convince Adrien's overprotective father Gabriel, who is secretly the main villain Hawkmoth, to let Adrien go to New York, but Gabriel relents when he learns that there is potentially another Miraculous there. Meanwhile, Ladybug is confident that Chat Noir will take care of Paris while she's in New York, but she doesn't know that Adrien is Chat Noir... and that no one will watch over Paris. I won't spoil it for those who haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet, but Ladybug and Chat Noir meet some new superheroes, including comic book heroes that Alya and Principal Damocles enjoy reading about, and go on an adventure with Aeon, an AI robot known as Uncanny Valley, and Jess, a hero-in-training known as Sparrow.

I wasn't expecting much from this special, considering that last time there was a Miraculous special, it was a disaster. However, it was really good! The main new characters were enjoyable- I wish I could take Chloe and Lila out of the main series and replace them with Aeon and Jess. Marinette and Adrien were as awesome as ever, and Hawkmoth is a great villain that you can't help but love to hate. There was a lot of new lore that made the Miraculous universe feel a lot bigger, which was very interesting, and the score was great and felt more cinematic than the actual show. The animation was spectacular, and the voice acting was pretty good, despite the voices sounding a bit different.* There were some scenes that felt out of place, though, and the ending felt rushed. But the thing that made it as good as it was were the emotional moments. From Adrienette to an arc revolving around Chat Noir, I cried through the whole thing. I think I cried more than I did at the most emotional episode ever, Chat Blanc, and the season 3 finale combined. I'd recommend this for any fan of Miraculous. 7/10

*-Most of the different sounds were from recording at home, except for Nino, who got a new voice actor.

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