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More On The American Girl Corinne HBO Max Movie

This afternoon, it surfaced that American Girl is making it's first movie in 6 years for Corinne Tan, the 2022 Girl of the Year! AGDN reader Lily Rose Lovemoon posted a link with more about the movie in my comments section, so I figured I'd call it a night for my screenwriting and do a deep dive into a movie that's not mine for once: Corinne's movie!

ProductionList is a site that lists all the film productions going on currently, and a page for Corinne's movie was created on April 25. Here is the plot according to the site:

"13 year old Corinne Tan is secretly unhappy with herself because she has no obvious skill that makes her stand out; she feels that she is not pretty nor witty nor bright, and her splintered and reformed family dotes on her sister Gwynn, a gifted skater. When Corinne comes across a dog on the ski slopes who apparently has no chance of making the grade as an Avalanche Rescue dog, Corinne grits her teeth and digs in, determined to help this dog learn its mandated skills."

It seems like for the movie, they aged up Corinne's character to appeal to a wider audience and focused more on Corinne's personal struggles and Flurry. I honestly like the plot change because it makes more sense for film, but I am a little confused why she is 13, because AG protagonists have never been aged up before.

The producers of the movie are Jason Wan Lim, who is an Asian-Canadian producer of TV movies and the Netflix series Black Summer, Mattel's Fred Soulie and Phil Breman, Larry Grimaldi and Hannah Pillemer of MarVista Entertainment, a company that specializes in TV movies and Arnie Zipursky of CCI Entertainment, which also specializes in TV movies. The movie's screenplay was written by May Chan, who also wrote Ivy and Julie 1976- A Happy Balance and is a writer for children's television. She is also the creator of the upcoming Apple TV series Surfside Girls. The casting directors are Maureen Webb, who casted major movies and series, and Danielle Pretsfelder, who formerly worked at Nickelodeon and just starting casting for other companies like HBO Max.

The movie begins shooting on May 16 and finishes shooting on June 6.

I'm so excited!

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