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My Dad Tries To Describe American Girl Movies

I read your comments and saw that you wanted more of my family members trying to describe American Girl things. Since I had nothing better to blog about, I decided to do the movie challenge with my dad!

Disclaimer: My dad is not an expert in American Girl dolls and hasn't seen any of these movies.

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday: Samantha tries to give gifts to the needy.

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure: Felicity learns how to take care of animals on the farm in 1945.

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front: She's trying to support the troops in World War 1.

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl: Kit's been reading too many Nancy Drew novels and is looking for a lost puppy.

Chrissa Stands Strong: Chrissa wants to go to the mall a lot and eat lots of ice cream and pretzels.

McKenna Shoots for the Stars: She wants to keep her puppy from eating her neighbors' yard, but the dog eats it.

Saige Paints The Sky: Is she from the 80s? She wants to play video games and curl her hair with her curling iron.

Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight: She looks like she wants to be on Dance Moms and one of the mothers got into a fight with another mother because she wasn't on stage enough.

Grace Stirs Up Success: I think she goes to France and works in a bakery and she thinks she is related to Miraculous Ladybug.

Lea to the Rescue: Lea Clark likes animals and she's going to save the koala bears in Africa. (They actually filmed that movie in South Africa.)


Melody 1963: Love Has to Win: Maybe she's from the 80's (he was being sarcastic.) She wants to be a civil rights lady and she wants to work in a bakery in France with Grace.

Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas: I think she wants to visit Elvis Presley's house in Memphis and wants to be on MTV and sing.

Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance: I think they're celebrating the Bicentennial and Julie gets a red white and blue bike.

Summer Camp: Friends For Life: I think they're going to go to the mall in summer camp because they're friends, they only want to go to the mall and shop.

Rebelle (did this one as a joke): I think it's about dolls who like smelling each other's feet. And they're trying to sell their own line of foot cleaner.

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