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MY LAST AGSM MOVIE? But It's A Big One...

I have bittersweet news. My next AGSM movie... will be my last one for a while.

It's not that I don't like making AGSMs or dolls. I do, and I wholeheartedly love the craft and my dolls. But I want to be a director when I grow up, and I need to focus on making short films with real people in order to break into the movie industry and get into a good film school. Rebelle was actually supposed to be my last AGSM movie for a while, but the response was so good that I wanted to make an even bigger movie to be my AGSM movie grand finale.

I'm remaking Grace Stirs Up Success, shot by shot, in AGSM form.

How am I doing it, you may ask? I have the transcript online, and once Buttercup doesn't need constant attention anymore, I'll extract the photos from the movie, make a list of things and dolls I need, and start filming! And I'll do filming vlogs, too, like I did for Rebelle. I might have to take a break in between the shoot due to my surgery, but don't worry, I'm getting this done! (And I'll still make shorter AGSMs when I feel like it.)

I'm so excited to make it! Are you guys excited, too?

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