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New American Girl Books for 2023

American Girl has listed some new books that will release in 2023 through the Library of Congress:

-American Girl is starting a new series, Who's That Girl, that details the lives of inspiring women in American history. This is similar to the short-lived A Girl Named series that was published via American Girl's former joint venture with Scholastic from 2018 to 2019. This series will be written by American Girl author Mel Hammond and illustrated by Spanish illustrator Chelen Ecija and New Hampshire-based illustrator Alexandra Bye.

The first book, illustrated by Chelen Ecija, is about Misty Copeland, who was also covered in the A Girl Named series:

"This is a book about an ordinary girl who grew up to be an extraordinary woman. Today, people know Misty Copeland as the first Black ballerina to become a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre, one of the greatest ballet performing groups in the world. But as a child, she was just a girl who loved making up dances to her favorite songs. She'd never even seen a ballet, let alone taken a ballet class. Misty's life changed at age thirteen when she tried ballet for the first time at her after-school program. At first, Misty worried that she was too far behind the other students to ever be any good. But she listened to the small voice inside her head that encouraged her to dream big, work hard, and never give up. Today, she inspires people all over the world with her incredible dancing."

-2023 will mark the 25th anniversary of the classic The Care And Keeping Of You book and the 10th anniversary of The Care And Keeping Of You 2 book for older girls, and both Care and Keeping of You books will rerelease in new anniversary editions some time this year!

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