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New American Girl Character Trademark - Emsley - 2024 Release?

A new first name was just trademarked for an American Girl doll. While some names that are trademarked with just a first name can seem like they are at risk at being abandoned, I have a funny feeling about this name becoming a doll because besides Lila Monetti, which is rumored to be 2024's Girl of the Year, this has been the only name trademarked all year so far.

The name is Emsley.

This name wasn't common in the United States until the early 2010s, with popularity peaking in 2014, when there were 19 Emsley's born.

Normally, I would theorize this being a historical doll, but either they went with a historically inaccurate name or they are making another contemporary character, maybe for World by Us or Girl of the Year 2025. A doll born in 2014 would be 10 in 2024 or 11 in 2025, so maybe this could be for a future contemporary doll.

This name was used in southern states, with Texas, the Carolinas, Ohio and Georgia as popular states, but several Emsleys were born in California.

Thank you Tina on Instagram for letting me know about this trademark!

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I think Emsley will be a 2000's Historical American Girl for 2003.


Tell now American girl doll!!!


What is this true??


Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Oct 25, 2023

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well Emsley's going to be Lila's pet or a contemporary doll if she does get made. if she is Lila's pet i want a border collie mix idk &idc but if shes contemporary i want her to be a soccer player from Savannah georgia idk y

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