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New American Girl Create Your Own Options!

There are new options for the Create Your Own line!

First of all, there is now PINK HAIR in the Create Your Own section! I made a doll version of Chibiusa from Sailor Moon to model this new option, as well as the new Let's Move outfit and accessories.

Also worth noting: right now only the Let's Create, Let's Explore, Let's Move and Let's Smile outfits are available. The same themes of accessories, as well as the Let's Celebrate accessories, are the only accessories available.

The Rose Gold Glasses and the Red Sunglasses are now available as glasses options.

Lastly, there is a new Take a Stand theme in the outfit creator.

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I didn't see or hear about that from anybody. I had actually said in a post on here a while back that I'd love to see a doll that had pink hair and red eyes. Sydney even agreed with me on that and said she'd love for that doll to become a reality. She also said that no matter what her personality was, she'd snap her up and she'd become her Chibiusa from Sailor Moon, LOL!! I imagined that doll's hair being much darker and in my doll world, her full name would be Rylie Chibiusa Tsukino. I hope I could help you understand. Please forgive me. However, now that I know AG has trademarked the name Corrine and Corrine…


@kmharmon120 What do you mean future GOTY's pink hair? Where did you see/ hear there's going to be a pink haired GOTY? How do you know it's darker than the CYO pink?


Nimble Kitten
Nimble Kitten
Jun 27, 2020

Really cute and pretty!😁😁


Jun 26, 2020



She would be adorable as a Wellie Wisher, but I prefer her to be a big full sized 18 inch doll.

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