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New American Girl Create Your Own Options Overview

Alternate post title: "Sydney Gets Mad That Better CYO Options Came Out Not Even 2 Weeks After She Tried With Limited Resources To Make Owl House Dolls So She Remakes 3/5 Of Them With The New Options"

Two new hairstyles, one new mold, one new outfit/accessory pack, and one new hair color just released in the Create Your Own generator! Here are all the new options:

This is the Kaya mold, the Hi-Top Curly wig and the City Style outfit, all new options!

And this is Gus.

This is the Side-Part Cut and the City Style outfit.

And this is Hunter.

And lastly, one new option that completely flew under my radar at first, the 'rainbow' hair option, as seen on Amity!

What do you think of these new options?

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