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New American Girl Graphic Novel Releasing in 2024: Julie and the Blue Guitar

American Girl is starting a new mystery series in graphic novel form, Mysteries Across Time. The first character to get a mystery is Julie. It is entitled "Julie and the Blue Guitar" and is releasing on June 25, 2024.

"Eleven-year-old Emma Devan can’t wait to exploreher new home of San Francisco, but she’s not surehow to make new friends. Then she discovers anold journal in a local thrift shop—and gets caughtup in a 50-year-old mystery!

As Julie Albright investigates stolen artifacts and works to help animals after a 1977 oil spill, Emma sets out to uncover Julie’s identity. Though half a century separates them, Emma and Julie are united by their shared home, passion for the environment, and a mysterious blue guitar.This new mystery graphic novel from American Girl and IDW weaves together past and present to tell the exciting story of two girls from different times joining forces to help their community/make a better world."

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