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New American Girl Items: Truly Me Pet Items, Lila Book and Beach Towel

I visited the American Girl store in Charlotte, North Carolina today to pick up Lila Goes for Gold, and I got to see all the new Truly Me pet items, as well as a new beach towel for girls!

First, the beach towel was right by the checkout.

Then, I picked up my book! I already finished reading it, so expect my review later tonight!

After I checked out, I rushed over to the Truly Me section to check out the new items, and I found quite a few! First, the Tropical Taffy Poodle that was spotted by one of my readers on New Year's Eve.

Then, I saw a new big ticket item, the American Girl Pet Spa and Daycare! This comes with an exclusive pet, the Brioche Bulldog.

The next item is a matching robe set for dolls and girls, the Comfy Puppy Robe Set for Dolls and Girls.

Lastly, a new pajama set for dolls came out, the Waking Up Is Ruff PJs.

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