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New American Girl Outfits On Back of Table and Chairs Box

There are some new American Girl outfits and a new birthday set on the back of the Table and Chairs box: here they are!

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What is the release date???!!!

Replying to

I have no idea but I believe it will be soon maybe sometime this week like Thursday or Tuesday


When those outfits go on sale, I am getting them.


I love the blue one! My modern girls may well be getting an outfit for the first time in ages once this is out!


@Admin this unrelated, but can you compare Isabel H to Truly me 125 and Nicki H to 126? As soon as I saw those Truly me dolls I thought they looked like the twins. What are the odds that ag would release a blonde green eyed and brunette blue eyed doll together a year after the twins? When the twins retire I think they will replace them. Sorry I thought you were Sydney Paulsen😅


The birthday set is wonderful! I love the birthday cake. It is a rainbow cake with turquoise and pink icing! 🌈 🎂 I also love the decorations

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