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New American Girl Truly Me Doll - Revamped #88

In American Girl's marketing materials for the new Pet Spa and Daycare, there is a doll that resembles the Truly Me #88 that is now on clearance. At first, I looked, and I was like "why promote a doll that's soon to be retired?" And then? I looked at her eyelashes. They were the revamped ones. My brain immediately went, "A NEW TRULY ME DOLL!", and took screenshots of every image of her on the website. So, blog readers disappointed that no Truly Me dolls came out this month, be patient - this confirmed that they're coming!

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7 commenti

When will quarter 4 updates be in?

Mi piace

It’s just the new style of eyelashes and face I have the same doll, nothing different. Why change it?

Mi piace

i'm glad she's back! she's one of my favorite truly mes along with 58! :D

Mi piace

@Admin You have sharper eyes than I do. Besides the lashes, how is she changed?

Mi piace

Oh!! I’m sad all the new dolls are now gonna have these painted lashes. I don’t dig it. I’ll have to keep removing them. Just not a fan!

Mi piace
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