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New Behind-The-Scenes Photos from American Girl Corinne Tan: The Movie

The American Girl Corinne Tan movie came out in July, but the actors involved couldn't say a word about it's release publicly due to an actor's strike that was going on during the release. What that means is that films associated with major studios and streamers, like HBO Max, the platform the movie was filmed for, and Amazon Prime Video, which it ended up releasing on, couldn't be promoted by the actors since those companies wouldn't give them a fair deal for future projects. However, the strike concluded yesterday, and now, actors are starting to post about projects that released during the strike - such as Kai Cech, who played Gwynn in the movie! She just posted more behind-the-scenes content of the movie, as well as a sweet photo of her and her sister Miya, who played Corinne, at the American Girl store. Here are the photos!

If anyone else from the movie posts more pictures, AGDN will post them as well! Congratulations to the actors for getting a fair deal!

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10 нояб. 2023 г.

Maybe the reason why the Corinne movie delayed was due to this strike. Lately there has been an actor’s strike in Hollywood that postponed several Disney movies.

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