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New Items on American Girl Berry Bag Sale

American Girl added some new items to the Berry Bag Sale! Here they are:

-School Locker Set: $40

-Fashion Accessories: $11

-Molly's BeForever Meet Outfit: $28

-Headband Tiara: $9

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I am super excited about Molly's meet outfit as well. I absolutely love it. Her little shoes are just adorable.


May 07, 2020

OMG!!! I'm so glad I checked your blog tonight. I wasn't going to look at the sale items again because there wasn't anything I really wanted and I didn't think they would have added more items. I can finally have Molly's Beforever meet outfit!!! Thanks Sydney!


Abbi's AG
Abbi's AG
May 06, 2020

Cool! Unfortunately, I've already purchased something from this sale and I can't order more then once per sale. But Those items are really cool. I especially like the locker set!

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