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New World By Us Book Information! (Evette and Maritza)

More information is coming out about the World By Us books!

Evette's book, Evette: The River and Me, now has a summary and categories:

"Evette learns the rift in her family was caused by racism and organizes a river cleanup where she invites her friends and family, including both of her grandmothers, hoping they can make amends."

The categories are racially mixed people, friendship, racism, and conservation of natural resources. It seems from this that Evette will be racially mixed and have an interest in nature, including conservation.

Maritza's book information has also been published in the Library of Congress. It is called 'Lead with Your Heart' and has this summary:

"Seventh-grader Maritza Ochoa learns to lead on and off the soccer field as she organizes community support for her teammate Violeta whose family member is being detained by immigration officials and who has a secret of her own Maritza promises to keep."

The book is written by Angela Cervantes and illustrated by Caroline Garcia. Angela is a middle-grade author who is Mexican, and Caroline is a freelance illustrator from Brazil (and has some cool Miraculous fan art on her ArtStation).

The categories are Hispanic Americans, conduct of life (a fancy term for human behavior), immigrants, and soccer.

Who's excited about World By Us? I sure am!

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