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New World By Us Book: Makena!

Information on the third American Girl World By Us book has released on the Library of Congress! This book is about Makena Williams, who seems to be the main character of the World By Us line.

The book is titled Makena: See Me, Hear Me, Know Me. It is written by Denise Lewis Patrick, who wrote the Melody series and the Cecile series. It is illustrated by Courtney Lovett, an African-American illustrator who illustrates African-Americans and Black people.

Here's the description:

"Thirteen-year-old Makena Williams has a passion for fashion. She loves putting clothes together in unexpected ways. When school went virtual because of the pandemic, Makena started sharing her style by posting her OOTD (outfit of the day). Now she's back to school in person and meeting some of her fashion followers for the first time. Clothes are a way for Makena to connect with others-like her new friends, Evette and Maritza. But some people don't see Makena for who she is. They only see her as a Black girl, and they make unfair assumptions. After a hurtful incident in her own neighborhood, Makena discovers how to use fashion to speak up about injustice."

The book is categorized as 'African-Americans' in the Library of Congress.

This sounds interesting! I'm really excited to read Makena's story: and Evette's, and Maritza's!

And everyone, even though there's a new post on AGDN, don't forget my last one! No discrimination and bullying on this site, please.

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