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Nicki Hoffman: Everything We Know About 1990s Historical!

American Girl's newest Historical Characters are going to release on Wednesday! Their names are Nicki and Isabel Hoffman, and these two posts will tell you everything you need to know about these 2 dolls.

This post is all about Nicki. If you want to learn about Isabel, click here!

We'll start with the doll's last names. Their last name is Hoffman, which is a Jewish last name, so Nicki and Isabel are the second Jewish historicals after Rebecca and the third Jewish dolls overall.

Now, we'll get into doll specifics!

Like Kavi, Nicki will have her own journal and her own book. The journal will come with Nicki herself and the book is rumored to release in August 2023. The journal and book is rumored to be written by Jennifer Roy, a Jewish twin who wrote the Trading Faces book series about twins.

Nicki is obviously, a twin! She is the sister of Isabel, and together, the two are the first ever 18 inch American Girl dolls to be twins. Corinne and Gwynn are also sisters, but Gwynn is a WellieWisher, so Nicki and Isabel are the first 18 inch sister dolls.

Nicki's story description hasn't been revealed yet, but there are a few rumored things about Nicki, like appearance and interests.

Nicki is rumored to be the tomboy in the sister group, meaning she likes sporty and athletic things and blue/purple colors instead of pink. Nicki's hobby is rumored to be skateboarding, and she and Isabel are rumored to have an outdoor activity center which includes a skate ramp as part of their collection.

Nicki and Isabel were rumored to have the Josefina mold, but now reports are saying they have the Joss mold. Nicki is rumored to have light skin, medium-length straight brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes.

The last rumor about Nicki that I am sharing today is one I just found out: she and Isabel are rumored to live in Seattle, Washington!

So, yeah! We are only a few days from Nicki Hofffman's release! Who's excited? I'll be at the store on release day and getting both dolls!

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