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Pictures from My American Girl Store Meetup

My American Girl store meetup today for my birthday was so much fun! I met some of my blog readers, we talked about American Girl for so long, we explored the store, and had so much fun! I am even more impressed that most of the people who came drove an hour or longer to meet me... one person even came all the way from Atlanta! I feel so honored that you guys came that far to support me. Your support for my blog has brought me so much light in my life, and even though I'm 18 now, I will never lose my love for AG. This community and this brand means so much to me. Thank you all so much!

We took this group photo at the beginning of the meetup:

And then our dolls crashed Corinne and Gwynn's Bedroom while we were exploring the store and got to the GOTY section:

This was such a fun meetup! I'm so grateful to everyone who came! It definitely won't be my last meetup- I hope to have more in different locations in the future!

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