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Ranking The American Girl Music Videos From Best to Worst

Ah, the American Girl music videos. Since the fall, AG's been putting these videos on their YouTube channel, and they're pretty creepy. Like, images of dolls BENDING THEIR ARMS AND KNEES AND MOVING THEIR EYES? Why can't you just make stopmotions, AG?

Anyways, I decided to rank all these videos from best to worst. They're all not that great, but the best are "stuff I'd actually listen to unironically" and the worst are "I wouldn't even listen to this ironically".

1. Julie Can Change The World

Not gonna lie, I listen to this unironically. The video is obviously terrible, but the actual song is a pretty good one for Julie and her world.

2. Go Joss

The video isn't great (obviously) but the song is ironically enjoyable, since it has a good instrumental and the lyrics are funny. (Can't you handle ALL THIS SASS?)

3. Dolled Up

The video gets points for not having cursed animation, but the song- isn't that good. Granted, I don't really like the Dolled Up with AG series since it's just a bunch of kids ruining dolls glorified, but the song is very generic.

4. Now Then And Every Day

Same deal as Dolled Up, but that one was higher up because it used a different singer. This one, as well as at least half the videos, have the same one. And it's pretty annoying.

5. It's Halloween!

Who came up with this idea? What's the point of this video? Why do people breathe? Ok, that last one wasn't relevant, but you get the point.

6. Just Being Me

What do you get when you put generic 50's stuff and weird dancing in one thing? This video.

7. Balloons And Birthday Cake

Who wrote this song? Who animated this video? They committed a crime against music, a crime against animation and a crime against American Girl dolls.

And the worst one...

8. Surf's Up

The video? Probably the creepiest of them all. The song? Generic and a bit childish. Congratulations, Surf's Up. You made a bad song out of the fourth-best Girl of the Year. At least there's Go Joss...

Do you like the American Girl music videos? I'd personally trade them in for the American Girl Live soundtrack (Monday was one year since I saw it!), but if you do, I totally respect your opinion.

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