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Ranking The American Girl Music Videos From Best to Worst: January 2022 Edition

It's been a while since I ranked the American Girl music videos from best to worst. It's almost been 2 years: it was actually the day before the pandemic started when I did that the first time! AG has dropped way more music videos since then, and even an album, so I figured that I'd finally do it. I'd rank them all again.

Some of these are pure cringe, some of them are bangers. It is time to see which ones are the best and the worst... again. Because American Girl won't stop making these videos until Jamie Cygielman isn't CEO of American Girl anymore. (Hey, that gave me a blog post idea. Expect an analysis of the different CEOs of American Girl tomorrow.)

Anyways, I don't blame them for making all of these videos. A lot of them have a million views, and I have songs to bop around to alone and play for the kids at American Girl camp when I hopefully do it this summer. (Last time I did AG camp, I played the AG movie soundtracks for like a day and then played my regular playlist for the rest of camp.)

But some are still cringeworthy. And this is why this post is a thing.

Now, for the list:


  1. Hey Courtney!

  2. Julie Can Change The World

  3. Go Joss

  4. Lift Your Voice With Melody

  5. Work it out with Courtney


  1. Travel Twins Explore the World!

  2. Dolled Up

  3. Now Then And Every Day

  4. A World By Us!

  5. Gotta Be Truly Me!

  6. Let's Go USA!

  7. Kira's Australian Adventure

  8. It's Halloween!


  1. The Beauty of Oahu with Nanea

  2. Just Being Me

  3. Balloons and Birthday Cake

  4. Spooky-ooky-ooky FUN with American Girl!

  5. Surf's Up

  6. #Holidayze With American Girl


Do you like the American Girl music videos?

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