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Rumors for Limited Edition Disney Princess American Girl Dolls

Sorry for missing this yesterday - I was completely distracted with the Corinne and Miraculous movies coming out- but we have some new updates on the Disney Princess limited edition dolls for August!

Wait. DOLLS? Multiple dolls? Yes.

American Girl hinted on Facebook yesterday that three limited edition Disney Princess dolls will be available in the month of August. Each doll will be inspired by a different Princess character.

While specific characters have not been announced, a trusted source has mentioned that one of them is a blond-haired princess, one of them is a non-blond white princess, and the last one is a princess of color.

So now, here's my unhinged theories!

There are many blond princesses, but my guess for the blond one has to be either Cinderella or Elsa. Cinderella is a more classic princess, and Elsa is one of the most popular ones. However, if I had to choose one, I'd say Cinderella simply because American Girl has hinted that they're making a snow-themed doll for the holidays, and Elsa is snow-themed.

As for the non-blond white one, I have to go out on a limb and say Ariel (from the animated movie). If it was a brunette doll, it would be so much easier to say "brunette" instead of "non-blond", but the most popular princess with neither brown or blond hair is Ariel.

The last theory, for the doll of color, is that it will be Moana. American Girl only has a few Pacific Islander dolls, so the Moana limited edition would add representation to AG's lineup overall, but my main reasoning for this is that Disney is planning a live-action movie for Moana to release in 2025, and they'd want to keep the character in the public consciousness for that particular movie. (Or there's a chance that my theory for the non-blond white doll was completely off the mark and it's going to be Halle Bailey's version of Ariel from the recent live-action movie.)

What princesses do you think will get a doll, and who was your childhood favorite princess? I loved Rapunzel from Tangled when I was younger, but her hair would be way too long to make into a manageable AG wig. But my sister's favorite was always Ariel, so she'd be thrilled if there was an Ariel doll!

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