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Saige's Story: Doll of the Month August 2022

Here's a little bit about the story of Saige Copeland, the Doll of the Month for August 2022!

In 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Saige loves animals, especially horses, but her pride and joy is visual arts, especially painting. She is initially excited to start fourth grade and see her best friend Tessa, a musician, again, but her life changes on the first day of school when Tessa has a new best friend Dylan- and it is announced that due to budget cuts, art classes and music classes will alternate years. On top of all of this, Saige's grandma Mimi is injured, and she is forced to ride Mimi's horse Picasso in Albuquerque's annual parade. Saige doesn't know how to deal with these problems, and is initially unconfident about it all. But with the help of a new friend Gabi, Saige finds a way to become more confident so she can take it on.

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16. 8. 2022

I really liked Saige’s books they are really good!

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