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Samantha's Story: Doll of the Month November 2022

Here's a little bit about the story of Samantha Parkington, the Doll of the Month for November 2022!

In 1904 New York, Samantha is an adventurous well-to-do girl who lives in her Grandmary's mansion after her parents died when she was 5. She enjoys climbing trees and the outdoors, but her life changes when her annoying neighbor Eddie gets a new servant, Nellie O'Malley. Samantha quickly befriends Nellie, which becomes an issue in her high-class society. Samantha soon learns that Nellie doesn't go to school, which bothers Samantha, so she creates a "school" for her while she learns about poor working conditions in the factories that she is told to appreciate in her own school. That Christmas, Samantha's Uncle Gard introduces to her Aunt Cornelia, who he is going to marry, which bothers Samantha a bit, but she warms up to it, especially after she meets Cornelia's twin sisters Agnes and Agatha and goes on a summer vacation with them. Samantha soon finds herself living with them, but after learning that Nellie and her sisters have moved to New York City to be in an orphanage and be sent to a factory, Samantha must risk it all to rescue Nellie... and maybe even become her sister.

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