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Small AGTuber Saturday: LJ Productions!

This week for Small AGTuber Saturday, I decided to feature berri kitty! The channel's videos are very creative. Here's their newest video, "Lexi's Salon Day"!

I chose this video because I found it intriguing how the 86 had her hair in actual tin foil wrappers. It's the little things that make an AGSM cool!

You can subscribe to LJ Productions here.

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Thanks for noticing my best friend and I's channel! I will make sure to check back to see other news!


This is really a cute one and fun to watch. But, I am still not a fan of the weird hair colors on the dolls! Guess I am more of a traditionalist!


Hey Sidney I’m an Art History Major from a college in the Boston Ma area. But I was curious, if you could recommend some tutorials to create a similar videos that you produce.One of my assignments next semester in The Histoy of Animation 320 is to create an flip book and other projects relating to animation. if you could give me some basic information about slow motion animation using AG dolls . If you could that would be great.

Ps I love your blog amdI hope for more Courtney Moore info soon.

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