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Sneak Peek Photos of the American Girl Corinne Movie

HBO Max released a sneak peek photo from the set of Corinne's movie, which is filming right now! The photo is of actresses and sisters Miya and Kai Cech in the snowy mountains of Alberta, Canada, where the movie is being shot. Miya is playing Corinne and Kai is playing Gwynn.

The sisters look just like Corinne and Gwynn!

This photo was released of the dog who is playing Flurry. The dog is so cute!

Kai Cech also posted several behind the scenes photos on Instagram:

The Cech sisters have been posting a lot of behind the scenes content on their Instagram stories too! If you guys want to see those pictures, let me know and I'll actually post them!

P.S: Miya Cech followed my personal Instagram and said hi to me! She's such a kind person and I'm glad she's playing Corinne.

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