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Sydney’s Filming Diary Month 3: The Hardest Parts of Filming...

I’ve been having a lot of fun filming Rebelle so far, but it’s obviously been hard at times. If it wasn’t hard, than I think there’d be at least five other full-length AGSM movies out there... “But how, Sydney? You’ve been at this for six years now, what makes it challenging?” Well, I’ll explain in this post!

For starters, the fight scenes. To be honest, the fight scenes are some of my favorites to film. It’s just so cool being able to do that, since I’ve never done anything like it before. Well, Human was a thing, but the fights in that movie were just with magic and stuff. In this one, it’s pretty much straight-up boxing, which is fun to do! However, sometimes I have to move the dolls around in order to get a good shot, which is a pain. And if the dolls fall- another pain! (Nanea, who’s playing Kierra, has probably fell about ten times so far...) But it’s all worth it in the end.

Another fun but hard thing to do are the protest scenes. Sometimes it’s just 15 dolls waving around signs, other times it’s triple that amount standing in the crowd of one of Erika’s speeches. But whether it’s a random strike or a mega-protest, there’s one hazard in common- the dreaded dolly domino. If one doll in the crowd falls, the rest are doomed to fall. And then I have to set it all back up again. Only a minor slip up has occurred so far, but more will probably come up later... but I’m prepared!

The hardest scenes to film are definitely the factory ones, though. There‘s just so many dolls and things to move at once- and in a cramped place too. But I just try to have fun when I do those. The good news is that I wrapped on the last one yesterday, so I’m free! Unless I have to do reshoots. Then I’m doomed.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the movie! Only 96 days left, but who’s counting? The good news is that there might be a trailer coming soon...

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