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The American Girl Games Might Make A Return.

The point of this post so you don't have to look at the long game list if you don't want to: I might have found a way to get the American Girl games back on AGDN.

At the end of 2020, Adobe Flash Player stopped working. To prepare for this, I made the hard decision to get rid of all the American Girl games I archived on my website back in December 2020. I thought all these games were dead forever, but something happened that made me think otherwise today.

Yesterday, when I was trying to find a way to play a Flash game I played in my childhood, I discovered a program called Flashpoint. It's software that runs a bunch of Flash games, despite Flash being gone. While I was playing the game on Flashpoint today, I decided to see if they had any old American Girl games.

Oh my goodness, they have SO MANY American Girl games.

Here's the list of games they have:

-A-maze-ing Meatloaf

-A-maze-ing Pet Park

-Addy Picture Puzzle

-Addy: A Life In Freedom

-Addy's Cookie Letters

-Addy's Mancala

-Autumn Frolic

-BeForever Endless Style

-Belize Beauties

-Bring on Spring

-Bunnies and Eggs

-Caroline's Picture Puzzle

-Caroline's Ship Shape

-Catch of the Day

-Chocolate Course

-Coconut & Licorice Dress and Print

-Coconut Cards

-Coconut's Concentration Game

-Coconut's Day in the Park

-Coconut's Safari

-Cover Maker

-Create a Quilt

-Edible English!

-Felicity Picture Puzzle

-Felicity's Colonial Adventure

-First Snow

-Fishing Adventure

-Flower Power

-Freewheeling Friends

-Frost Fairy

-Horse Parade

-Jess's Waterfall Jump! -Josefina Harvest Helper

-Josefina Petal Patch

-Josefina Picture Puzzle

-Josefina's Santa Fe Market Adventure

-Julie Picture Puzzle

-Julie's City Bike Ride

-Julie's Punch Buggy

-Julie's Take a Shot

-Kanani's Ocean Rider

-Kaya Picture Puzzle

-Kaya's Catch of the Day

-Kaya's Mountain Escape

-Kaya's Race to the Finish

-Kaya's Search

-Kirsten's Winter Stars

-Kit Picture Puzzle

-Kit's Money Matters

-Kit's Railway Adventure

-Kittens on the Loose

-Kudos and Care Cards

-Lanie's Starry Nights

-Let's Dance

-Letter-Writing Scripts

-Lists You'll Love

-Llamas On The Go

-Luciana Picture Puzzle

-Mah Jong Mania

-Make It Pop!

-Making Music

-Maryellen Picture Puzzle

-Maryellen's Seaside Diner Hop

-McKenna's High Spin

-McKenna's Word Fetch

-Melody Picture Puzzle

-Mia: A Skater's Dream

-Molly's Route 66 Adventure

-Monk Seal Watch

-My Diary

-Nanea Picture Puzzle

-Net Pet

-Nicki's Roundup

-One Magical Night


-Outback WIinds

-Party Pals

-Pedal Power! -Penny's Courageous Ride

-Pepper's Frisbee Fun

-Pet Pick-Up

-Pet Sledding

-Pet Soccer

-Pet-Grooming Studio

-Petal Patch

-Pretty in Paper Extras! -Print a Poster! -Pumpkin Bounce

-Raccoon Caper

-Rebecca Picture Puzzle

-Rebecca Russian Doll Mix-Up

-Samantha Dream Climb

-Samantha Picture Puzzle

-Samantha's Scavenger Hunt

-Samantha's Sketchbook

-Say What?

-Snack Time

-Spring Flowers

-Stand-Strong Poetry

-Summer Poetry

-Summer Shells

-Super Star!

-Sweet Success

-The American Girl Paper Dolls

-The Morning Walk

-Toasty At The Farm

-Underground Go-Round

-Wahine Hula Hustle

-Water Balloon Battle

-What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality?

-What Kind of Shoe Are You?

-What's Your Sleep Style? -Winter Poetry

That's a lot of games.

If you want to play them now, download Flashpoint if you have a PC! It's great software. But that's not what this post is about.

The point of it is that I'm going to try to find a way to save these games and put them here on AGDN using Flashpoint. It might be a lot of hard work, but I have 20 days until school starts, so if this works, I'll add "adding games to AGDN" to my daily work and divide the list by 20 so I can have all the games up by the time school starts for me.

I'm so excited about this! I hope I can add the games back to AGDN, because that would be a lot of fun!

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