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The American Girl Joss Experience on Poptropica

When AG announced that they partnered with Poptropica to have a Joss section, I was confused at first, but then I got curious. How would a game like Poptropica pull off featuring Joss? I never played the game before, but I remembered people mentioning it when I was around 7- and I'm 15 now. So after I filmed today, I created a free account on Poptropica- just to check out the AG section.

When I went on the site, it started by telling me to pick a character. I chose this one because it resembled my younger self.

Before I could go on to the AG section, I had to make an account to save my game- so I did that.

Then, I could go click on 'American Girl: Joss's Island' on the map and finally go on!

This is how the island looks when you first get on- you're greeted by a Joss Island sign and an avatar of Joss that says a phrase when clicked.

When you click on the Joss Island sign, this popup shows.

The first activity on the island is a cinema, where you can watch videos about Joss.

The videos were just the ones from AG's YouTube channel.

The second area is the Shine Athletics Gym, which contains a cheer game.

The next activity is a virtual American Girl store with photos of dolls, a hair salon, and a restaurant.

The last activity is a surfing game in the SoCal Board Shop.

You can also grab these AG items for your character by walking around the island and playing games:

I hope you enjoyed my look through the American Girl Joss Island on Poptropica! The games were really fun, so I think I might play them again if I have time. Remember, this is only for a limited time, so if you want to check it out, do it now!

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