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The American Girl Joss Experience on Poptropica

When AG announced that they partnered with Poptropica to have a Joss section, I was confused at first, but then I got curious. How would a game like Poptropica pull off featuring Joss? I never played the game before, but I remembered people mentioning it when I was around 7- and I'm 15 now. So after I filmed today, I created a free account on Poptropica- just to check out the AG section.

When I went on the site, it started by telling me to pick a character. I chose this one because it resembled my younger self.

Before I could go on to the AG section, I had to make an account to save my game- so I did that.

Then, I could go click on 'American Girl: Joss's Island' on the map and finally go on!

This is how the island looks when you first get on- you're greeted by a Joss Island sign and an avatar of Joss that says a phrase when clicked.

When you click on the Joss Island sign, this popup shows.

The first activity on the island is a cinema, where you can watch videos about Joss.

The videos were just the ones from AG's YouTube channel.

The second area is the Shine Athletics Gym, which contains a cheer game.

The next activity is a virtual American Girl store with photos of dolls, a hair salon, and a restaurant.

The last activity is a surfing game in the SoCal Board Shop.

You can also grab these AG items for your character by walking around the island and playing games:

I hope you enjoyed my look through the American Girl Joss Island on Poptropica! The games were really fun, so I think I might play them again if I have time. Remember, this is only for a limited time, so if you want to check it out, do it now!

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I can't believe it!! I haven't played Poptropica since I was in 5th grade! I do remember the site perfectly well though. The fact that there is an island named after this year's girl of the year is just awesome!! I do have to say that I love Joss's little avatar. I mean, come on! That's like, so cute! What's even more adorable is that her avatar looks just like the doll herself! I also love how a bunch of other girls are dressed in the cheer outfit that she has.


Corrine tan
Corrine tan
May 04, 2020

Oh my!! Cool


May 03, 2020

cool! poptropica sure has changed since 2012 :D


May 02, 2020

I did not know this thanks for update!

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