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The American Girl Play Page Is Alive!

To be honest, I thought the American Girl play page for children was killed due to the end of Adobe Flash Player getting rid of access to most of the games. But I am happy to inform you that not only is it alive and well, but there are NEW GAMES ON THE SITE! Yes, new games that aren't just team-ups with Poptropica!

There are four new games, two themed to Corinne and two themed to Truly Me. I only played the first one I saw because this isn't my only blog post for the night, but I think I might make a YouTube video of me playing all the games.

Here are the games!

-Cruise With The Truly Me Style Squad: Endless runner game themed to the Truly Me Street Chic dolls. (This is the one I played. It was fun and reminded me of the old AG games from 2014!)

-Flurry's Search and Rescue: A hidden item finder game themed to Flurry, Corinne's dog.

-Fashion Show: A dress-up game featuring the Mix and Match collections.

-Corinne Ski Training: Another endless runner-type, but themed to Corinne's interest in skiing.

I'm glad American Girl's doing games again! I played the games all the time when I was in elementary school and am excited to play all the new ones!

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