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The Holiday Release Wasn't Today... So When Will It Be?

I woke up early this morning to blog about all the new holiday items I thought AG would be releasing today- only to wake up to nothing but the Sapphire Splendor doll we've seen before. I then went back to bed because it was 4 am and I needed sleep, but I was wondering- if today isn't the new release, then when will it be?

I have a few theories. My first theory is that the release will be on September 30th or October 3rd. Why those days, you may ask? For a few years in a row, AG has been releasing holiday items on October 1st. However, October 1 is a Saturday this year, and AG never releases products on weekends unless it's the Girl of the Year launch. It could either be on Friday, September 30th, Monday, October 3... or maybe even Thursday the 29th!

My second theory is the First Thursday theory. Many times this year, American Girl has had small releases on the first Thursday of the month. That's when 92 released, that's when the historical pajamas released, that's when Corinne's summer items released, so on. The first Thursday of October is October 6th, so it could also be that day!

When do you believe the new holiday pajamas will release?

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