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The Inspiration for GOTY 2022 Corinne Tan

American Girl had a New Year's Eve invite-only brunch at the Casa Tua in Aspen, Colorado to celebrate the launch of the 2022 Girl of the Year, where the inspiration for Corinne Tan (presumably the book model), Ronnie Jade Bedford, made an appearance!

Ronnie is a senior at Aspen High School and was adopted from China by Jodi Jacobson (on the left) and Allen Bedford. She is interested in ski racing and her Chinese heritage like Corinne, but unlike the doll that was modeled after her, she is an only child and studious, going to Colorado College in the fall.

I always love it when we get to find out who dolls were modeled after! I need to make a list of the dolls that have known IRL models and inspirations.

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