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The Last of Luciana Vega

When I went to the American Girl store today (last Saturday morning visit of the decade!), I noticed some things about the Girl of the Year section as they prepare it for Joss's debut.

This is what's left of Luciana's section.

They moved a photo of Luciana as a placeholder, since they don't have Blaire's photo op up anymore. (Speaking of photo ops, I can't wait to take my photo with Joss's! It's always fun to see how much taller I am than the cardboard cutout.)

Speaking of Blaire, some of her collection's purchase space are blocked off with this... probably to make room for Joss preparations.

A large part of the GOTY section was replaced with a TV and a selection of GOTY movies as well.

All of this means only one thing: JOSS IS COMING!!!!

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