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The Story Behind My Dream (#MakeRebelleMovie)

I love my dolls, of course, I do! But this post isn't about dolls because it's one of those days where there's no news at all. Instead of just posting about nothing at all, I'd figure I'd tell the story of basically, my life for the past two and a half years.

We'll start on a Saturday in February 2019. I remember the exact day, what I was doing that day, the specifics of my American Girl store visit that day (since it was a Saturday). The only reason I remember all those details was because that day, my dad took me to the movies to see some sci-fi movie. I was cringing the entire movie, just because the writing was awful. By the end of the movie, I had an idea in the back of my mind for a movie: one that I'd write myself, and one that was going to be better than whatever I just watched.

You see, we were in the dystopian unit in school language arts. The year before, we read a book with an ending. That year, we read a book with the same ending. That ending? A realization that their dystopian society was a terrible world, only to run away.

In the back of the movie theater, the dystopian unit and history class exploded in my mind. "Overthrowing the dystopian government. That's going to be better than this." (Side note: I had NO CLUE that Hunger Games and Divergent and others had the same base concept. At least I made it my own...)

Six days later, I started my first draft of what was going to be called 'Rebelle'. Seven months later, I finished the script and started filming the movie with my dolls. Or at least I thought I was done with the script...

Cut to July 2020. It was a few weeks after releasing the Rebelle stop motion, but as I tried to work on another script, my mind kept going back to Rebelle. I couldn't stop thinking about new concepts to try, new characters to add, more scenes, more worldbuilding, more everything. And then I remembered. Like I've said before, I didn't initially decide to make Rebelle with dolls. My true dream was to create it with people, but I decided to take on the big AGSM project as a way to reconnect with my dolls. So I decided to set off on a journey to make my dream of making the movie with real people come true!

I spent a year reworking the script, adding all my new concepts. I didn't change anything major, but I just improved everything. It still isn't done yet, as I took a bit of time off to write the sequel, but I was too scared to admit my true dream because I didn't want to disappoint my fans. But I'm not afraid anymore, and I'm happy to say Rebelle Live Action is almost done!

Since I'm almost done, I decided to start a social media campaign to raise the public's interest in my script so I can get the movie made. If you're not following the movie's IG account yet, it's @RebelleMovie! If you aren't on Instagram, then you can just use the hashtag #MakeRebelleMovie.

Sorry for not posting about AG... I just had to tell you all what I'm spending a lot of my free time on! (Well, that and the school play I'm directing.)

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