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There's Something About Me That No One Knows Yet. 'Cause I Have A Secret.

It took a lot of courage to write this post. I knew that I was going to tell you guys one day, but after finding out about a hateful member of the American Girl Instagram community, I felt like I wanted to tell you all this.

In the daytime, I'm Sydney. Just a normal doll blogger with a normal life. But there's something about me that no one knows yet (except for my family and close friends.)

I have a secret. But it won't be a secret anymore.

I'm a lesbian. I like girls. Not boys. Just girls.

I didn't know that girls could like girls until I was ten, back when gay marriage was legalized. I supported that, but thought I was straight. In eighth grade, however, I started getting crushes on girls, and I assumed I was bi. But I started accepting my attraction to girls more and, this summer, I realized the truth about myself. I like girls, and couldn't imagine myself with a boy.

To those who don't support me for who I am, to put it kindly, get off my blog. Now. This second.

I know some of you might think this is an inappropriate topic for a doll blog, but this is my blog.

And to the AG Instagrammer who is proudly spewing hatred for the LGBT community, stop it. We are people and AG fans just like you, and just because we don't conform to the heteronormative standards society gives us, that gives you no right to be mean to us and hate us all.

If you are still going to read this blog, thank you. I know I might lose a follower or two from this post, but I'd rather have AGDN be a place where I can be me instead of having to hide part of myself for the views of people who don't accept me.

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