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Things You Didn’t Know Had American Girl References

Ah, American Girl references. Mentioning a doll, actually showing a doll, even an actor who played an American Girl doll playing someone else is an American Girl reference! I always get so excited when I spot them out in the wild, and since I discovered one today, I decided to do some more digging and compile a list of things you didn’t know had American Girl references.

First off, the one I discovered today. I‘ve been binge-watching Infinity Train for the past two days, and during it I heard a familiar voice playing a younger version of the main character. After some searching, I confirmed my suspicions that Lily Sanfelippo, the voice of Willa, was in it and proceeded to fangirl for 5 minutes before continuing the episode.

Does anyone remember the Fancy Nancy books from your childhood? I sure do, so this next AG reference made me laugh. Turns out Dana Heath, the voice of Ashlyn, was cast as Bree in an animated adaptation of Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior. So now, your old Fancy Nancy books are an American Girl reference.

Another childhood book series is an AG reference! Did you know that Megan McDonald, the author of the Julie series, also wrote the popular Judy Moody series. Your old Judy Moody books are an AG reference, too!

If anyone remembers the show Victorious, then there’s an AG reference on it too! In an episode, a Truly Me 40 is held. In a similar vein, in the new Babysitter’s Club Netflix reboot, you can spot a Truly Me 58!

The last AG reference is one that’s well known, but it’s still the craziest in my opinion. Divergent, the 2014 big budget movie franchise. Shailene Woodley played the main character... and Felicity. It‘s funny how hundreds of millions of dollars were spent making... AN AMERICAN GIRL REFERENCE!!!

This post was a lot of fun to make! Turns out, there are a lot of AG references out there, and some of them slip right by you. What were you most surprised to learn, and what AG references have you encountered lately?

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In the movies Going in Style and Home Sweet Home, AG dolls are shown in the backgrounds in scenes.



These are SO COOL!!! Seriously, the only one I had noticed before was the Victorious one. Also, in Sam and Cat there is a Lanie doll in the episode Doll Sitting... that one gave me the creeps!!!



@ag obsessed Technically, Bizaardvark in itself is an AG reference. Since Olivia Rodrigo is Grace in Grace Stirs Up Success.

And, by that logic, HSMTMTS (one of my favorite shows!) is also technically an AG reference. 😁😉



so cool! :D


There’s a truly me 58 in Mary Anne’s room in Babysitters’ Club

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