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Three Things from Melody's Books That Were Changed In The Movie

If Melody knew that kids in America now had a day off from school for a holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., she'd be surprised. She'd also be surprised at these things from her story that were changed in Melody's movie!

1. The setting.

In the book, Melody went to a school with black students. Her friends included her BFF Sharon and cousin Val... but they don't exist in the movie. Instead, Melody is integrated in an all-white school with some racist students.

2. Her interests.

In the movie, Melody is good at singing, but she doesn't aspire to become a singer. Instead, she dreams of becoming an astronaut and going into space one day.

3. Her family.

In the books, Melody's family is really close to her. The same is true in the movie, but the family is a lot smaller. Her father was killed off, Big Momma doesn't exist (probably was killed off too) and none of Melody's siblings are there.

I think Melody's story, if we don't include Z's movie, was the most changed around for her movie. What about you? Is there a doll that you think had more changes made for her movie?

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