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Two New American Girl Doll Names Trademarked!

Amid the excitement surrounding the ultra-expensive American Girl Couture for a Cause dolls, two new doll names were trademarked! One is named Isabel and the other is named Ning.

Isabel has been used twice before by AG: first in the Girls of Many Lands line, and secondly with Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle Palmer. Isabel was British, and Isabelle was a blond Classic mold.

Ning has never been used by AG. It is a Chinese name that means 'peaceful', so Ning will probably be Asian and use the Jess mold. (Or the #4 mold. A girl can dream!)

What do you think about Isabel and Ning? I'm excited- especially for Ning, since there hasn't been an Asian doll in AG's lineup for a while.

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