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Update on My Surgery: Help the Hospital that Helped Me!

Hello everyone! I'm making this post because I'm now home from the hospital. My surgery went well and now, I am in recovery. Thank you so much for your good wishes and love that you sent me when I was about to go into surgery, that made me feel really good!

This holiday season, the hospital I went to has a holiday wish list online for the kids who will be in the hospital during Christmastime. I want to clear this list so that no kid has to go without a merry Christmas this year, especially with COVID and everything that's been going on surrounding it. Everyone at the hospital was extremely nice to me, and I don't want any kid to worry about their holiday situation or whether they'll get gifts or not.

There are a lot of items on the list that haven't been purchased yet, and I'm sure that every item will make a child happy, which is very important. So please, everyone, go to this link if you can and pick out at least one item that you can donate to the hospital:

Thank you all so much!

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