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What AG Thing Are You Guys Looking Forward To?

Corinne's movie is set to debut next month. The month after that, we're getting a new Girl of the Year, and then we're going to get Claudie's next book in the spring!

With all of these exciting things on the horizon, I was wondering: what are you guys excited for the most with American Girl?

I have to admit I'm excited for all 3. As a filmmaker, I'm so stoked we're finally getting a new movie, plus I watched one of Miya Cech's other movies this morning and got so excited upon seeing her name in the credits and realizing we're SO CLOSE TO THE CORINNE MOVIE!

And then, the Girl of the Year. Kavi seems like she'll be a great GOTY and I can't wait to meet her!

Plus, you guys all know how much I love Claudie, so I cannot wait for her next book! HOW MANY MORE DAYS-

Anyways, comment below what you're excited about!

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