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What American Girl Stores Are Still Open? (2022)

Lately, American Girl has been closing an average of one store a year, plus a few stores were closed during the pandemic. So I figured I'd do a post on what American Girl stores are still open!

  • Charlotte, NC (SouthPark Mall)

  • Chicago, IL (Michigan Avenue)

  • Columbus, OH (Easton Town Center)

  • Dallas, TX (The Galleria)

  • Houston, TX (Memorial City Mall)

  • Los Angeles, CA (Century City Mall)

  • Nashville, TN (CoolSprings Galleria)

  • New York City (Rockerfeller Plaza)

  • Orlando, FL (The Florida Mall)

  • Palo Alto, CA (marketed as San Francisco: Stanford Shopping Center)

  • McLean, VA (marketed as Washington DC: Tyson Corner)

What store is closest to you?

P.S: About that "going to every AG store" trip I posted about a few months ago... I'll go through with that in a few years once I'm confident driving and have someone to go with. I wonder how many AG stores will be left...

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Debra Honts
Debra Honts
May 22, 2023

Which store is the best?!?! Planning to take my 7 year old granddaughter.

May 22, 2023
Replying to

San Francisco and Houston have closed since I posted this


Feb 16, 2023

Out of the 36 American Girl locations only 9 American Girl locations exist, Chicago was the first.

Flagship stores:

Chicago (1998)

New York (2003)

Los Angeles (2006)

Boutiques and some Bistros

Dallas (2007)

Washington DC (2011)

Columbus (2013)

Orlando (2014)

Charlotte (2014)

Nashville (2015)


11 stores are closed, 8 one-time boutiques and 6 recurring boutiques (not sure if they were still open after 2018)

Atlanta (2007- 2020, about 13 years) permanent closure due to non-renewed lease and pandemic closing.

Boston (2008 - 2019, about 11 years) due to financial situations and an non-renewed lease.

Minneapolis was (2008 - 2019, about 11 years) due to financial situations and an non-renewed lease.

Denver (2010 - 2020, about 10 years) due to…


Just an FYI, the "Nashville" store should be listed as "marketed as Nashville." It's actually in Franklin, Tennessee.


Nov 22, 2022

I miss the stores so much! Who else thinks AG is actually going to close ALL of there stores? *tear runs down face*

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