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What Do Former American Girl Stores Look Like Now?

This was another really good blog post idea I got from the AGDN survey! Thank you all for your responses so far!

There are many buildings in America that used to be home to the greatest place ever; an American Girl store. However, these stores are no longer in existence, and are other things now. So, thanks to your awesome suggestions, I decide to check them out!

By the way, I only looked at the permanent stores that closed. There were simply too many temporary stores to look at every store. If you guys want, though, I can do a temporary store post!

The first AG store to close was the original American Girl Chicago location, which closed in 2008. It is now home to an Anthropologie clothing store that opened in 2010.

The next store to close was the American Girl outlet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is now a Coach bag outlet.

The original American Girl store in New York closed in 2017. It is now the flagship location for the Puma brand.

The first American Girl store to close permanently without a move to a new location was in St. Louis in 2018. The mall it was in, Chesterfield Mall, announced plans for redevelopment in 2020 and was demolished last year.

In 2019, the stores in Boston and Minneapolis closed.

Boston's store is still vacant, and Minneapolis's is as well. (Minneapolis didn't have a picture of the store now, so I didn't picture it.)

In 2020, a handful of stores closed due to the pandemic: Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Atlanta, Denver, and Kansas City stores are currently vacant, and the Scottsdale store is now the furniture store Furniture by Design.

In February 2021, the American Girl store in Seattle closed. It is now the exact opposite of an American Girl store... a drug store.

Lastly, in September 2021, the American Girl outlet in Hershey closed. It is now vacant.

Hope you enjoyed!

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