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What Do I Even Post About?

You guys might have noticed that even though I usually post every day, I have been missing more days than usual lately. This isn't because I'm growing out of dolls- because I'm not, I was just doing some of my doll's hair last night. It's because I can't find much to post about...

Usually, we'd have Girl of the Year news by now, and we haven't gotten any yet. This year, Corinne's movie was supposed to come soon, but we haven't even gotten a trailer yet. And since all the holiday releases are out, there's not much news to post, and it's frustrating!

So I figured I'd ask you guys for help. What do I post about when there's less news than normal? Do I highlight all the new stuff that did come out in 2022? Do I post about older items and different dolls? What else would I do? Thank you so much for your help! I am so grateful for you guys and that you are the best blog readers in the entire world. In January, it will be nine years of AGDN, and that milestone would be impossible to reach without you! I also cannot wait to give out more details about my first ever meetup for my 18th birthday in January and somewhere exciting that I'm going in the spring that's AG-related. Once again, thank you for supporting!

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