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What I Want From American Girl's (Maybe) New Release Tomorrow

To American Girl,

You are now my valentine because I don't have anyone to spend the day with except for my movie script, and my movie script is just a script! I heard you might be releasing things tomorrow. Amazon says you are releasing 2 new Smart Girl Guides tomorrow. Are you releasing doll things too? Please say yes!

If you are, here are 3 things I want from this release:

  1. New historical things that aren't for Courtney because historicals not named Courtney deserve more love. (Bonus points if it's for Nanea.)

  2. Spring Truly Me clothes because my dolls need more spring clothes. Make sure they're not mix-and-match either because the Truly Me dolls need spring and summer outfits that aren't mix-and-match.

  3. A bike. I don't know why, but Julie's bike was retired in 2016 and there hasn't been a bike since, I think. A bike would be cute for the spring. Please drop a bike, American Girl. I would like a doll bike.

Anyways, that's all. Happy Valentine's Day, American Girl. I hope you give us new shiny things tomorrow!



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