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What Months Are Most Common For American Girl Doll Birthdays?

On New Year's Eve last year, I programmed my blog software to automatically post birthday wishes for American Girl dolls whenever it was their birthday so I wouldn't forget like I sometimes do. But now that it's April, it's been interesting going to my blog and seeing HOW MANY DOLLS HAVE BIRTHDAYS THIS MONTH. Addy, Maritza and Nanea's birthdays are one after another after another, so I wondered... is April even the month with the most AG birthdays?

January - 1 (Melody)

February - 2 (Courtney, Ivy)

March - 3 (Marie-Grace, Blaire, Josefina)

April - 7 (Rebecca, Addy, Maritza, Nanea, Joss, Felicity, Molly)

May - 9 (Julie, Claudie, Maryellen, Luciana, Kit, Nicki, Isabel, Samantha, Cecile)

June - 1 (Kirsten)

July - 1 (Evette)

August - 3 (Lea, Ruthie, Makena) September - 5 (Kira, Corinne, Grace, Emily, Kavi)

October - 3 (Saige, Nellie, Caroline)

November - 1 (Elizabeth)

December - 0

Nope. April isn't even the month with the most AG birthdays.

It's May (9). Then April (7), then September (5), then March/August/October (3). February has 2, while every other month except for December (which has 0) has 1.

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