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What Will Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick's Collection Be Like?

The fact that Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick's books have illustrations have brought something interesting to the GOTY collection speculation department: seeing some products in illustrated form early! I paged through my Joss illustration photos and picked out some images that I think may show up in her collection.

Since we got a peek at Joss's surfboard yesterday thanks to American Girl, it's 100% confirmed that we're getting that. However, she's in a wetsuit here (just like in the cover of her book), so we're probably going to get this outfit as well. She's the second Girl of the Year not to be pictured in her meet outfit for the first book cover, after Kailey, who also was shown in a wetsuit.

To me, this outfit looked the most likely to be her meet outfit. It is a pink tank top, pair of denim shorts and a white and blue jacket. There are also a pair of shoes and a bag that looks like it would be apart of a meet accessory set.

This is Joss's dog, Murph. She's a English bulldog, and she's pictured here on a skateboard. I doubt there will be any skateboards in Joss's collection since they have a skating set that probably won't be retired anytime soon (only released in 2018), but this dog is most likely going to be released.

This is Joss's competition outfit. It's shown a few times in the books, and it might come with a green headband since Joss uses it to stop her hearing aid from falling in the books.

This is Joss's cheer practice outfit- a tank top, pair of leggings and white shoes. It also shows a bow and Joss's headband- I think it's more likely to appear in this set, since it's for practice. The bow will most likely be for sale, too.

Joss wears these pajamas to a sleepover in her second book. It's a long sleeved shirt that reads 'Shine Bright' and a pair of leggings.

This is a better picture of Joss's hearing aid. It will be unique to her, considering it's blue instead of pink like the Truly Me/CYO ones. I'm glad they put the effort in to make a different hearing aid for Joss!

Joss's brother Liam drives this Volkswagen bus. I'd say this is most likely the rumored bus that will be Joss's big ticket item, but we'll see!

This image of Joss's 'Friends and Family' shows the same bus, a GoPro camera, her hearing aid in a box, a cheer box, a pair of blue sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen, and board wax. These will probably show up somewhere in her collection.

What do you think? Based on these illustrations, Joss's collection looks cool, and I can't wait to see the rest of it!

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