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What Years Have American Girls of the Year Been Available?

Girls of the Year were firstly only available for only one year, but in recent years, they have been available for 2 or more (or while supplies last). Inspired by a comment by AG By the Bay, this post is all about which dolls were available in which years!


Gabriela McBride was the Girl of the Year this year. As her predecessor, Lea Clark, was the last GOTY to retire when her year was up, Gabriela was the last Girl of the Year to have the spotlight all to herself, despite having to deal with Contemporary dolls Tenney and Z.


Luciana Vega was the Girl of the Year in 2018, and she was released alongside Gabriela. Gabriela, as well as Tenney and Z, retired on December 31, 2018 online and December 30 in stores.


Blaire Wilson was the Girl of the Year in 2019, and Blaire was the first Girl of the Year to have a release party at the American Girl store. With Gabriela gone, Luciana was the only other doll Blaire was with during her year.


Joss Kendrick was the Girl of the Year in 2020, and she was accompanied by Blaire's second year and Luciana's third year. Notably, Luciana did not retire this year, making her the longest-available GOTY from American Girl.


Kira Bailey was the Girl of the Year in 2021, and she was accompanied by three other dolls: Joss, Blaire and Luciana. In September of 2021, however, Luciana finally retired after three years and nine months, and Blaire retired in December 2021 after two years and eleven months,


Corinne Tan was the Girl of the Year in 2022, and she was accompanied by Kira the entire year. Joss was available for a bit during Corinne's year, but she eventually retired in June 2022 after two and a half years.


Kavi Sharma is the Girl of the Year for 2023, and Corinne will probably remain for the rest of the year before retiring sometime in 2024. Kira was available for the first 2 months of Kavi's year, but after 2 years and 2 months, Kira retired in February 2023. If the pattern remains, Kavi will be available until the beginning of 2025.

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