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When Is The Next American Girl Release?

We have seen many unreleased American Girl items in the past week after the release of the new season of AG's Dolled Up YouTube series featured them. Seeing those had my new release spider-sense tingling, but I couldn't figure out a potential date because normally, I rely on book release dates on third party services like Amazon to find them until they're confirmed. But yesterday, American Girl started a seventeen-day long sale, which is normally unheard of considering most sales only take place for a few days, and American Girl sometimes drops new items the day after a sale since they never release items during sales. So I looked at the day after the sale to try to see if a new release could occur then!

April 18 is the day after the sale ends. While April 18 is the day after Easter, it is also a Monday, and American Girl likes to release things on Mondays or Thursdays. Stores will be in regular hours, In addition, the last day of operation for the AG Los Angeles Grove location will be on April 16, so it would make sense for new items to release the 18th so the LA employees don't have to set up new stuff a few days before closing.

In all, the conditions for a new release on April 18 look great! Let's cross our fingers...

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