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Who Else Is In The American Girl Corinne Movie?

Last night, Miya Cech, who is playing Corinne in the new American Girl Corinne movie, posted one last set picture with her sister Kai, who's playing Gwynn, since the movie finished shooting a few days ago.

However, I was looking at the comments when I came up with the idea to look at Instagram to see who else could potentially be in the movie!

In the comments of the post was an actor named Jason Cermak, who has been in several Hallmark movies also filmed in Canada. He posted an on-set photo too, and Miya Cech follows him.

Don't you think he looks like Arne? My guess is that he's playing Arne.

Miya, Kai and Jason are all also following an actress named Jessica Garcie. She's been an extra in shows such as Batwoman, and resides in Canada.

I am unsure which role she would be playing. Maybe an original character for the movie?

Other actors followed by Miya and Jason is Rryla McIntosh, who resides in Vancouver and will be in the upcoming Disney Channel movie Under Wraps 2, and Albert Nicholas, who was an extra in War of the Planet of the Apes and also worked with Miya before in a smaller capacity on her Nickelodeon miniseries The Astronauts.

Miya and Michelle Krusiec, who is portraying Corinne's mom Judy, are both following Jason W. Wong, an actor of Asian descent who has Canadian and American citizenship. My guess is that Jason is playing Corinne and Gwynn's biological dad.

These were all I could find. I couldn't find any girls who looked like Corinne's best friend Cassidy- maybe Cassidy isn't in the movie? We'll have to wait to find out!

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