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Who Is Your Dream Girl of the Year?

While we wait for updates on 2023's Girl of the Year, I figured I'd ask you all a question: who is your dream Girl of the Year? There are many interests, hobbies and cultural backgrounds that a Girl of the Year can hold, and I personally think AG could be stretching a bit more with their choices of interests, even though there's only a couple that have been chosen in the past.

Personally, a doll I'd want to happen from American Girl is a Girl of the Year with autism. I'd want the book to be written by an autistic author and be researched by experts with autism in addition to neurotypical people with high knowledge of autism, and I'd want AG to partner with a charity that helps people with autism (aka not Autism Speaks). She'd be really smart, creative and funny, and have an interest in something creative. There are so many things from my life I could apply to this doll- filmmaker, screenwriter, social media influencer, blogger, the list goes on- but I'd probably make her interests more down to earth than my real life. She'd have an autism service dog as well.

Who would you want to be Girl of the Year?

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